Industrial and Commercial Security and Communication Services


Gilchrist Security have been providing security and communication services within the industrial and commercial sectors for over 15 years. We have worked with UK government and blue chip clients, providing a comprehensive installation and commissioning service to meet a wide range of security and communication requirements.

Our services included but are not limited to the following;


CCTV and Monitoring Stations

Gilchrist Security supply and install a wide range of CCTV equipment to suit any business requirements. CCTV is the most effective way of deterring criminal activity in or around your premises.  CCTV installations allows you to keep a watchful eye on your premises 24/7 from a monitoring station or from a mobile device.

Having a CCTV system installed can substantially reduce the chance of theft and vandalism. We provide systems that allow an instant notification to be sent either via email or text message that will allow you to  monitor you premises or property 24/7. It can also help heath and safety within the workplace as CCTV can monitor workplace activities and also be used as evidence for any incidents or accidents that may occur.

Why Gilchrist Security & Comms?

Gilchrist Security provide  a free consultation and survey to allow us to work closely with out clients and determine which security system is required. This allows us to work transparently and allows a robust security survey  to allow and understanding into exactly what is required. This allows assurance of the works and also provides a right first time approach.


Intruder alarms

Like CCTV intruder or burglar alarms add an added level of protection to your premises. We can provide simple dummy boxes to state of the art intruder systems that provide instant notification. We provide a wide range of both hard wired (cables installed between units) and wireless burglar alarms for both industrial and commercial properties and premises. This will be dependant on the clients preference and also the premises that are to be monitored.

All our systems are installed to suit individual requirements and we cater for anything between small dwellings to large complex industrial sites. We can provide a whole suit of options including with proximity tags (codeless systems), panic buttons and audible systems.


Access control & Intercoms

Gilchrist Security design, supply and install access control systems for a wide range of uses. We can provide access control systems for any type of premises, from homes to commercial or industrial facilities.

We can provide both wired or wire-free door access control systems to your premises. Our wire-free solutions allow mobile devices to be used to allow the operation of doors/gates with the requirement to enter number on a touch pad.


Fire detection & fire alarm

We provide install and maintain a wide array of fire systems. From the conventional hard-wired fire alarm systems to new state-of-the-art wireless fire alarm systems we can provide a fire detection system to suit your requirements. We provide a complete survey of your premises to ascertain exactly what the requirements are before any installation works are undertaken, this allows us to work collaboratively with our clients and also to ensure that the system aligns to the latest UK fire regulations and standards.

We also provide added protection such as smoke and heat sensors. These can allow added reassurance and can be generally fitted to any audible system.

We can also provide monitored fire alarm systems which allow for 24/7 monitoring of your premises which can be directly connected to and ARC (alarm receiving centre) which then inform the local fire service allowing for a rapid response.

As part of our installation service we also offer a fixed fee maintenance service to give you peace of mind.

We also specialise in aspirating smoke detection systems.